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09 November 2014 @ 06:29 pm
For those not on Facebook or that may have missed my post, I had a baby!

Henry Alexander Williams was born after about 2 hours of labor on November 06th at 11:03pm.
He came out so fast once I realized he was coming that his head was already out before the nurses and doctor had their gloves on. As my dad said "you said ouch and the baby was here"
Oh yeah, it happened so fast, my dad didn't have time to leave the room, ha. I don't think it was his plan to be there for the actual birthing part.


On the day Henry was born, I was already at the hospital with my mom who was being admitted to the hospital from the ER for an infection in her colon. Around 8pm I realized that I kind of felt "off" and thought it would be a good idea to be checked out before driving myself and Ava all the way home. I was still at 5 cm but as they monitored me, I was in fact having contractions. Around 10 I was checked again and a 6 so my doctor broke my waters. I am still not exactly sure why that was decided, but it kind of happened as I was realizing it was happening. Once my water broke, the contractions really started. I had a really strong contraction and let everyone know, so my SIL took the kids to the waiting room (hospital policy) and then 10 minutes later (which actually seemed much longer to me) I was trying to breath through a contraction and realized that he was coming. I said "I think he is coming!" and saw someone rush from the room and then my body was pushing him out and I said "I think his head is out" and the nurse lifted the blanket and sure enough it was. I could feel everyone panicking and to make things "worse" I was leaning on the bed button raising me up, which only made Henry come faster.
Wang Doodlerzombriii on November 10th, 2014 10:17 am (UTC)

I'm so jealous of your short labor!!

«..¨zkrásnět¨..»2208 on November 10th, 2014 07:52 pm (UTC)
Congratulations! I love his name and he is so adorable. :) My third baby came super fast, too. Were your other two fast as well? Holly & Heather both took about two hours of pushing but Emi came in about 10 mins.